Blog Migration


First I appolagize to anyone following me using RSS. Every post from this blog probably just appeared again in your RSS feed.

In my last post I wrote about how I was trying to reduce my usage of Google and in particular I mentioned that I'd trouble finding a good Blogger alternative. Well, I decided enough is enough and I wrote my own blogging platform. Years ago I wrote a simple static website generation library for my website . I didn't want to think about all of the security problems, hosting costs, etc. associated with all of the dynamic stuff available out there. They're a little hacky, but they work. So, I adapted that library for use for blogging as well. I just got it working, so I haven't pushed the changes to my already hacky htmlgen library. I hope to better compartmentalize the components before publishing.

I did give something up obviously. You'll notice a distinct lack of comment support. In reality I've hardly ever gotten any comments on any of my blogs anyway. The few comments I get could've easilly been personal email given the content. So, feel free to email me about anything you read here, see the "contact us" link at the bottom. If it's super interesting/relevent I'll probably update the post with it anyway.


I've published the new htmlgen code to github . I've also included a simple script for processing the xml produced from downloading a blogger blog and turning it in to something htmlgen can use.