First Post


I've been keeping a blog about my outdoor adventures for some time over at .

I worked at Google for over 5 years as an SRE. In that time most of the computer work I was doing was fairly not public. Also, working 5 days a week, and some weekends, I really didn't want to spend much time outside of that playing with computers, certainly not enough to sustain a job.

I quit last year though, and have been doing some interesting side projects. I actually just accepted a job offer with Meteor that I'll be starting soon, but in contrast that is open source, and I convinced them to let me work only 4 days a week. As a result, hopefully I'll want to do at least some computer work for fun, and I'll probably want to post more as I learn about open source types of projects and the like.

So, here's my blog.

I did a lot of robotics in highschool and college and went to Carnegie Mellon with the intention of doing AI. I then got into operating systems, where I TA'd a fairly intense operating systems class. I realized the languages I was working in were awful and thus got interested in type theory and programming language design, taking several classes down that track such as category theory and a class on building a compiler for an SML type language. Somewhere along the line I also got interested in algorithms and took a graduate course in complexity theory.

Then, as mentioned earlier, I was an SRE for 5 years. I also run Linux on all my own machines. My preferences and needs for personal machines are strongly driven by my desire to be outdoors.

Suffice to say my interests are rather eclectic, and so this blog is likely to follow the same pattern.